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For Heaven you are

For Heaven you are, and to heaven you return

St. John Chrysostom says in his commentary on the Ascension that our sins degraded and corrupted our nature to the extent that it sometimes become...

The Power of the Cross

How did Saul of Tarsus acknowledge the Power of the Cross? 

Saul of Tarsus carried letters from the high priest to Damascus, to bring Christians bound to Jerusalem that they may face the penalty of death,...

Show me your God

Show me your God, that may believe in him

Recently, one of my beloved children, a Professor at the University of Alexandria, sent me an email about his daughter who asked him, "What is the afterlife...

The Precious Pearl

He Rode on the Chariot of the Cross to Visit the Region of the Dead!

St. Jacob of Serugh spoke to us about a hidden and wonderous journey that the King of kings went on after His death...

Humanity Yearns for Love

Love, the topic of every hour!

Not one topic has occupied humanity as much as the topic of love. It impacts the core of man, it is on the minds of kings, leaders, beggars,...

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