The Precious Pearl

He Rode on the Chariot of the Cross to Visit the Region of the Dead!

St. Jacob of Serugh spoke to us about a hidden and wonderous journey that the King of kings went on after His death on the Cross on the mount of Golgotha. His soul was not afraid of the unknown future like every human would be, but in His great might, He encountered the souls of the departed who died in faith and hope.He carried them like captives whom He liberated from the captivity of Satan, leading them to paradise.

Our creator and savior did not ride on a spaceship to go from one planet to the other for these planets were created by His command, but rather He rode on the Cross as an all-loving, all-powerful King challenging death which conquered humanity. He went to hades to grant the faithful souls His divine righteousness and incorruption.

As St. Jacob of Serugh envisions our Lord’s glorious journey and His divine work, His body was yet asleep. His slumber continued all the way from Good Friday until early Sunday morning. It seemed as though He was resting but He was in realty granting the ultimate eternal rest to many. The saint envisioned Christ in this journey as the King of the dead who abolished the authority of death.

This journey revealed God’s wonderous love for humanity. He took on this journey to destroy the gates of hades and that the imprisoned may experience eternal life so that when He takes them with Him to paradise, they may feel welcomed by the heavenly hosts. This pearl was God’s image within us which we lost by our disobedience and our evil desires instead

of accepting His love and obeying His commandments. The faithful in the eyes of God is a precious pearl which He cherishes as Zephaniah the prophet says, “He will rejoice over you with gladness.” (Zeph. 3:17)

Christ Dived Deep into Hades and Liberated Adam - The Pearl

Just as Christ asks us to acquire Him being the one pearl of great price (Cf. Matthew 46-13:45) by reading His holy scripture, Christ from His perspective sees us as the pearl of great price which He left everything and emptied Himself in order to acquire. It is really hard to express God’s deep appreciation for humanity for He gave up His Son for us that we may regain our divine image and that He may raise us from the death of sin to experience our resurrection in Christ. 

[He measured hades by His steps and placed signs on its way that it might guide anyone on the way safely. By His death He descended to the abyss of the dead which devoured Adam .Like a courageous Diver He brought up the pearl. He descended, groped around the depths, visited the buried ones, sought out the lost ones.He contended with death in the region of death and demanded His pearl which He dropped; then He carried off His own and returned to come (away) from perdition.] 

Author: Fr. Tadros Y. Malaty
Translated by: Michael Stefanos

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